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Jamie N. Nadherny is a multi-disciplinary artist who works primarily in sculpture, installation, and performance art. Her works focus on narratives situated around the exploration and examination of hybrid identities. 

She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Eastern Washington University with an emphasis in painting in 2005 and worked at the Spokane Art School as the Ceramic Lab Technician, teaching ceramic classes quarterly. From 2005-2011 Nadherny started a business that featured an events and hospitality venue located just outside of Prague in the Czech Republic - Zamek Chotoviny. The venue also featured The Johannes Nepomuk Gallery. Nadherny continued pursuing her artistic practice and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2012. She founded another business 2011-2015 and opened a full-care horse-boarding facility (Northwest Deep Creek Farms) located in Portland, OR. During this time she centered her artistic practice in research. In 2015 Nadherny returned to Spokane,Wa. to focus solely on her artistic practice. Currently, she has participated in several Guest Lectures at Spokane Falls Community College Fine Arts Department and fulfills the position of Instructional Technician. She is an active artist and member in the Spokane community.

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