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Artist Statement

Artist Statement


  I am a multi-dimensional artist with an interest to refer to the body as a site where the development of experience and language resides, where it can be used as a receptacle for memory and transformation. Through the use of narrative I am drawing from personal experience and addressing the questions and issues of expectations, boundaries, goals, validation, and the widespread concerns that are placed upon us by our culture, our society, and ourselves.

    My works are heavily influenced by the wide variety of materials and processes I was exposed to learning growing up by my mother as she was a taxidermist and an industrial seamstress. I draw inspiration from working with similar materials and having an awareness that the materials themselves carry a narrative prior to my possession of them. Gathering materials ranging from animal bones, leathers, fine fabrics and found objects, I take pleasure in the process of combining them with clay, metal, wood, and performance to create new identities and untold stories.These mediums have propelled my investigations of experience and memory; work, labor, and action; values and ethics; personal autonomy vs. filial obligation; hierarchies; the public vs. the private; torment and release; violence and tenderness; and craftsmanship—all while providing moments of personal catharsis.

    Throughout my work, I attempt to evoke a sense of curiosity and fascination within the viewer. Dichotomies are revealed where the divisions between the internal and external senses of self are in conflict and I am interested in sharing this with the viewers revealing moments of surprise, myth, disbelief, and transformation. 

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